React to Python Resources

Here you can find links to resources related to the React to Python book that include documentation, source files, blog posts, and software downloads.

Toolchain Links

Below are the developer tools used in the workflow presented in the React to Python book.

Keep in mind that, other than Python and Transcrypt, you can swap out pieces of the developer toolchain to suit your own preferences, needs, and workflow. So if you prefer Django over Flask, go for it!. Or Tailwind instead of Material-UI? Sure, why not. Webpack and yarn over Parcel and npm? It's not for me, but if it's what you already know, then stick with what you're comfortable with.

The workflow I outline in React to Python gives you a good selection of tools to start out with and a blueprint of how they all fit together. But one of the things I like about the approach I've taken in the book is that it doesn't lock you into any specific tool, framework, or library. You can modify the developer toolchain you use as needed to fit your style.

React to Python Links

These are references specific to the React to Python book, including additional examples and related information.

Be sure and check out the code repositories on GitHub that are listed below for any updates to the source code presented in the book. If you have any questions about the code, you can start a discussion there to get answers, or if you find any errors (it happens!), feel free to open an issue there as well.

This section will be updated periodically with links to additional related content as it is created. There were several topics that had to be culled from the final version of the book for space reasons, and much of that unpublished content will eventually appear online in the form of a blog post.

Until the second edition of React to Python is released, there will likely be updates to the technology used in the book. As this happens, information will be posted to clarify or work around the changes to the workflow and approach described in the book to keep everything working as intended.

Along the same lines, if there are requests for specific topics, let me know and I will do my best to try and cover those topics in a future post.