Create React Front-End Web Applications with Python

Create responsive front-end web applications in Python using the React and Material-UI JavaScript libraries, without having to program in JavaScript. How can you do this? By using the Transcrypt transpiler that turns your Python code into JavaScript.

Using a Python-centric viewpoint, this book outlines the developer tools and software libraries needed to develop front-end web applications with Python. It specifically focuses on the popular React library and open-source Material-UI library that includes a collection of themed React components. It presents React concepts in a way that is specifically geared towards Python developers. This means that you don't have to be an expert in JavaScript to be able to learn how to create React applications with Python.

The book includes chapters covering the developer toolchain setup, as well as how to implement specific application features. Then, in a learn-by-doing fashion, the last section of the book walks you through building a fully functional example application from start to finish. This part of the book is a full project tutorial that will give you a good idea of how everything fits together. This includes setting up a REST API using Flask, creating a functional single-page application with React that is coded using Python, and serving up the transpiled front-end web application with the Flask server.

Included in the book are chapters covering topics such as:

  • Form creation
  • Asynchronous requests with a Flask REST service
  • Client session management
  • Single Page Application routing
  • Incorporating Google Analytics
Demo project from Part III of the book:
React to Python project screen capture
Book Outline
Part I: Getting Started
  1. Introduction
  2. First Application
  3. JavaScript Functions
  4. Sourcemaps
  5. Intro to React
  6. React Concepts
  7. Cleaner Code
  8. Managing JavaScript Packages
  9. Package Bundler
Part II: Building Blocks
  1. Text Input
  2. Lists
  3. Forms
  4. React Components
  5. JavaScript Examples
  6. CSS
  7. Material-UI
  8. Parcel Web Proxy
  9. Asynchronous Requests
  10. React Context Hook
  11. Transcrypt Miscellany
  12. Application Versioning
  13. Google Analytics
  14. Developer Tools
Part III: Putting it all Together
  1. Project Outline
  2. Environment Setup
  3. Landing Page
  4. Modal View
  5. REST Service
  6. Books
  7. Menus
  8. User Login
  9. Lookups
  10. User Context
  11. Editing Lookups
  12. Filtering Data
  13. Editing Books
  14. SPA Redirect
  15. Deploying the Application

The Developer Toolchain


Because Python is the programming language you love to use!


The Python-to-JavaScript transpiler that makes it all work.

React & Material-UI

Functional reactive web development with themed components.


Lightweight Python application server for REST API services.

npm & Parcel

JavaScript package management and zero-configuration bundler.

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